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HCG Weight Loss Therapy

For many years the medical community has researched the use of HCG and found that when taken as Prescribed by a Doctor HCG is extremely beneficial when taken as part of a weight loss program.

One of the two main elements of the plan is receiving a daily dosage of HCG which can be taken by injection form or orally. This treatment not only helps with weight loss by suppressing the appetite, it also benefits patients in maintaining a high energy level throughout the day.

Patients claim to sleep better at night and maintain a positive upbeat attitude while on the diet. The most important element of the HCG diet is maintaining a 500 calorie per day diet. While dieters initially assume this would be an unhealthy, low calorie count, research has shown that in addition to suppressing a person’s appetite, HCG releases body fat for immediate metabolism while preventing the loss of muscle mass. Therefore, a diet that combines both the daily dose of HCG and a 500 calorie balanced meal plan is in fact safe and easy to manage.

Individuals who properly follow the HCG WEIGHT LOSS DIET can expect to see quick weight loss on the scale. Average weight loss will range from 5-7 pounds per week. In addition you will see fat shrink and body contour improving, especially in such challenging areas as around the stomach, thighs, chin and neck area.

Like any diet it’s important that you follow the protocol PRECISELY as described. Unlike other diets, the success rate for individuals who no longer take the daily regimen of HCG, will keep the weight off.

It is believed that the individuals relationship with food is modified thought the process, therefore resulting in long term maintenance of the weight loss. When followed correctly the HCG DIET (which is a 40 day program) is safe and reliable, the results are immediate and the benefits are countless.

Benefits of HCG

HCG causes a change in metabolism. HCG makes your body mobilize fat out of the fat storage locations. Weight loss comes from adipose tissue, not muscle. And HCG does not strip the body of vitamins and minerals. And if you follow the diet, you can keep that weight off!

• HCG sheds up to 30+ pounds over a 5-6 week period.
• Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
• Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
• Decreases food cravings.
• Increases energy levels.
• Decreases blood pressure.
• Improves skin elasticity.
• Safe and healthy lifestyle change.
• Heavy Exercise is Discouraged.

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